1. The 4-Hour Body 

By Timothy Ferriss

2. Summary

- Attaining your ideal body can be a lot more simple than you think. By avoiding white carbs & drink calories and eating a lot of protein, legumes, & lentils, you can base your diet very efficiently.

- Breakfast should contain a lot of protein and fats like turkey bacon, eggs, and cottage cheese.    

- Eat 1.5 teaspoons of cinnamon a day (Saigon) to control glycemic levels from carbs.

3. Working out and Losing Weight

- Limited Workouts

  • Minimal workout for maximum results. Harajoku Moment (Sorry for my spelling) is the point when you know you have to change something and doing the most effective dose while not overdoing your workouts. Minimum Effort. 

- Losing Weight

  • Russian Kettle Bell Swings: 3 sets of 5 deadlifts. Touch exact spot on ground, then pendulum movements. Accum protocol method= squats with barbell over your head.     

4. Sex Drive

- Increase Lobito

  • Change positions and pressure during sex. This will increase LH cholesterol and testosterone before bed.  

5. Sleep and Improvements

- REM sleep and Cold Showers

  • Fill bathtub full of ice or cold showers, fill bathtub full of ice or cold showers before bed.

  • 2 hours of REM can be done with 4.6 hours of core sleep and 3 20 minute naps.

- Increase sprint and vertical

  • Sprint= Pose method, lean forward when running, make contact with the balls of your feet, bend your knees, 90 strides per minute per leg is ideal. 

  • Vertical= Start with hands over head (Shoulders contribute almost 20% of the jump height) the faster you pull yourself in a half squat the bigger vertical.