Obviously told by my experience and I AM NOT A DOCTOR

What I have learned from dealing with anxiety and stress is 

1. It SUCKS:

Yes, I know this is obvious, but being someone who was so controlled in his life finally had that moment and it sucks how uncontrollable it is, for about a month. Literally just driving I would have panic for no reason, when I started going to restaurants I was having panic, the hardest for me was when I would get my heart rate going my body just thought I was just panicking and this was the hardest to figure out while playing hockey or working out. I would just have to push through it.

2. What did I do? I accepted it:

I know this seems weird, but whenever I got a "symptom" (which we will talk about next) I would just talk to myself and let my brain know that everything was going to be fine, breathe if you will.


3. What did it feel like? Like I was about to fight a lion in the road:

The weirdest feelings were going through the cycle over and over again with trying to fight all the emotions. I would get very lightheaded, my stomach would start bubbling, and I would start getting light headed. I was doing some research and the internet was all saying that this was due to my body focusing on my muscles, to of course beat the hell out of this lion, and increase my heart rate, because I was about to fight a lion. Like a false alarm, but damn this is scary.


The Anxiety / Panic cycle is where you feel a Symptom (varies from person to person) and you question WHY? this leads to Anxiety. Anxiety typically takes the lead from there with the fight or flight response (or in panic sense, a false alarm) where is rushes all of your bodies focus to your muscles and heart and you will feel tense like you were just shoved into a uncontrollable temped refrigerator. Up and down roller coaster ride from than on, until you beat the lion and you go to bed. 

5. Why am I joking about it:

Because while Anxiety and Panic are VERY real as I have been experiencing it, it is one of the most weird and funny feelings ever. Panic for me has lasted for days at time for a reason I couldn't figure out, but add dealing with this and kids.. it becomes a sitcom in my head. If you know me I do not take prescribed drugs or have the balls to take anything.. so everything to help these cycles are all natural and controlling my thoughts. It is quite the ride, but stoping the cycle has been the most helpful thing during this phase. 

I hope this was somewhat interesting to read or even helpful in some way if you are dealing with it, just know it sucks (first go see a doctor), know that panic is something that comes and goes, and become so self aware that you can help yourself overcome this. Know your symptoms, know your body, take care of your body, and help shape it through even the hardest of times.