1. art


2. I believe everyone needs to understand and appreciate art

- Don't judge art before you even understand it. Be more creative in life

  • If your trying to be a business owner, you will need  to see and appreciate creativeness so that you can build more of a comfortable atmosphere for clients, customers, and staff. 

3. Creating 

- Making art and creating art is important.

  • Meditational and the satisfaction of completing something is important when you become more stressed.

4. Practice

- Go to art galleries and just try to copy other art, landscape, or try your own

  • Getting comfortable with art comes with dedication to complete, passion, patience, and doing it for you. Art is for yourself and don't try to get greedy.

5. Conversation Piece

- If you make a piece yourself, people will talk about it regardless if it is good or not.

  • Professional settings. Meaning with art and some graffiti can be very impactful in society and your own beliefs of expression.