1. Baseball

leadership role

2. Baseball is based around mental focus, planning, and swag.

- Just like business and leadership roles you need the same

  • I was a catcher and had to bark orders to the infielders like a quarterback. I saw the entire field at the only perspective as the batter so it is meant for more of a leadership role to handle the position. Also, your calling the pitches and not trying to get tipped off by the opposing team to figure out what you were throwing.

  • Mentally you had to feel so confident that your muscle memory could take over at hitting a 90 MPH fastball or react quick enough when the pitcher throws a curveball that breaks towards your ankles. 

  • Planning was important as far as knowing where you would go if you got the ball. Understanding what is happening at every point of the game was crucial for good baseball teams to succeed. Even knowing how many outs was important.

  • Swag is feeling important and confident that you are equipped with all the skills you need to win. Sometimes this is called cockiness. You need this as a leader in the business world as well to be monetarily successful. 

3. Rules

- Being that baseball is a game of patience, it is a little easier to follow. 

  • Balls and Strikes. 4 balls is a walk and the batter can get a free base. 3 strikes is an out, which you get 3 outs before you have to switch offense and defense.

  • Foul line was created to keep the ball in a reasonable playing proximity for both teams for the batter to keep it in.

  • Here's a summary of baseball rules Click Here 

4. Offense- I hate saying this because I hate hearing it, but truly I feel like the m

-The batter and the only time you can score.

  • Batting is the hardest time in baseball, but debatably the most fun part. 

  • This is when you are on stage and you can either be a hero and get a hit, or be a gigantic loser and get out. 

  • If you strike out not swinging, you are an idiot.

  • If you strike out swinging, it's understandable. 

  • If you hit a homerun, you are a Badass!

5. Defense

- The 9 players on the field.

  • Left field is where the stud with a cannon plays because it is where the most right handed hitters hit the ball and usually the fence is further to left field, so means more long tosses. 

  • Center fielder is the "quickest" outfielder usually is. He has the most room to cover in the outfield.

  • Right field is usually where one of your best hitters plays. 

  • Third base is usually a little slower, but has a cannon and good glove. 

  • Short stop is the stud that can do it all usually.

  • Second base is usually the most okayest player usually plays. 

  • First base is where you play when your arm isn't so good, but you can dig a ball out of the dirt and can hit.

  • Pitchers are rotated almost every single game and usually are Starters, Relief, or Closers.

  • Catchers are the manliest person on the field ;) who Block the dirt balls going 90 mph at times, call the pitches, throw people out trying to steal, control the game basically.