1. Building A Story Brand

By Donald Miller

2. Summary

- Marketing and branding isn't only for product that is exchanged for money, it's for you as well.

  • The average brain daydreams 30% of the time. To shift this is to tell a magnificent story.

    • Build a Character: Talking about your product and what you sell.​

    • Conflict: The problem you are here to solve.

    • Guide the "Hero": The brand and the leader. Guide the consumer in how to use your product and guide into buying.

    • Hero: The customer. Everyone wants to be a hero, so don't have instant conflict.

    • Plan: Keep simple, straight forward, & not complicated.

    • Call to Action: What and how are the consumer going to buy your product. Why do they NEED your product? 

    • Vision: How their life will change if they do or don't buy it. 

  • Examples of good Story Tellers: 

    • Donald Trump: Guiding the People into believing their opinions were being heard​. (Hillary Clinton: Being the Hero)

    • Chik-Fil-A: High in Moral and Ethics, makes people feel good about buying a sandwich by making it very easy and efficient for people to purchase.

    • In all my businesses I try to always guide people opposed to being the hero, because when you try to be the hero you end up looking like a douche. For example the people who market with pornstars and rub in your face how much money they have... Don't be a fool that falls for that  

3. External Problem

- Physical Problem

  • The Tangible problem at hand that needs to be solved. 

    • This is the real life situation that needs to be taken care of or at least changed to make it better. Telling Real Situations that could happen.

- The Story of Survival

  • ​Your brain listens to things that help you survive, so be interesting. Be relatable to how you can guide someone to success.​

    • Talk about how someone can make more money, healthier to survive longer, or how to love better. This is interesting.​

    • Example: The bomb that is blown up in the beginning of all movies, Hunger that people encounter, Lasers destroying things.

    • In all my businesses I try to help people all across the board. Whether you want to think so or not, those are my intentions. Hint.. this website. 

4. Internal Problem 

- Emotional Problem

  • The Feeling someone needs to feel satisfied by the conflict and you are here to help them accomplish that satisfaction.

    • Like Yoda guiding Luke into becoming a Jedi. Like Chik-Fil-A being fast food which are usually a gross and snobby environment, but them taking care of the restaurants and giving above and beyond experiences.​

    • For me, I see this as a form of manipulation which works for a lot of salesman, for example when a salesman for a security home system came over and asked "how would you feel if you didn't get a security system in your home and someone came in and threatened your family", which might have worked for a lot of people to scare them, but I told him to F%&$ off to say the least and got my own security system from amazon. But if you go against the norm of a negative emotional situation and make it positive, you will always win the customer. Just like customer service, if you genuinely care about the problem and see as they see it, you will be remembered.  

5. Philosophical Problem

- Morality & Ethics of the Problem to be Solved

  • Charities, Recyclables, Economically safe products, Employee Satisfaction, Not putting money first concepts are all ways to accomplish this.

    • Business Examples: Good Vs. Evil in movies are exciting because you want the Good to always win. Same goes for companies doing good things, but usually mean they will be more expensive as a reaction, thus making it hard for normal customers to not purchase. Hell if we were all rich, wouldn't we all buy organic and buy local? I would at least. 

    • I don't start any business with the intention to make money, I do however try to solve all the problems listed above to even try to validate the idea and see if people would like it. I try to make things my own and find flaws in existing companies and try to make them better for the consumer. Money is just a wonderful side effect when accomplishing this. Something that I would want to use.