1. Fail Fast, fail often

By ryan babineaux and John krumboltz

2. Summary

- Explains that unhappiness is due to fear of failure and encouraging people to go outside their comfort zone to achieve happiness.

  • In order to have fun, take risks and embrace failure.

3. Bored with the same life?

- People fear that if they don't plan enough they will fail. When we are suppose to say "action" we say "not yet".

  • Start doing small things to see small results

  • Stop waiting for things to get better, go create something that's better.

  • Award yourself before going to do something.

4. Failing leads to success and Appreciating your Journey will help you Understand how.

- Encourage failure and remember quantity not quality. Quality never improves life because they don't even know what to improve. Comedians go to small acts first before their big tour because they want to see what jokes work first.

  • Be a beginner and embrace it. Fearing failure almost results in failure.

  • Just like a promotion or asking someone out at a bar, just try and step outside your comfort zone.

  • Reclaim your curiosity like when you were a child. Innocent curiosity brings upon ideas. Schooling sucks it up and adults get even worse. 

  • Spirituality, art, and creativity just like Steve Jobs with Apple.

5. Thinking big and acting small

- Have ambitious goals, but don't bite off ore than you can chew. See small progress, a step at a time.

  • Don't jump into a career without weighing out the options, just like someone you date before you commit officially. 

    • Try something out first.

    • Don't label yourself, or else you will limit yourself.