1. Family and Friends

The Sense of Belonging

2. Understand Your Purpose and your Priority

- Be a good leader or at least show that you care in your #1 hobby.

  • I want to leave behind what I have learned and what has shaped me throughout my life. I want a one stop shop to understand who really Austin was and not me trolling people on my social media profiles. My best quality is humbling myself, laughing at my long hair and being called "Mam", Be proud of my weirdness, and smartness. This is me and my family and friends who I belong to.  

3. Wifey

- Be someone appealing, be exciting, understand your significant other, and commit.

  • Commitment was always my hardest trait to overcome because of a lot of preconditioning starting with my parents. Understanding this made me want to commit something better for my family.

  • Observe good role models and replicate who you want to become.

  • Understand terrible role models and be aware when you are shifting that way.

    • I catch myself right away when I am someone I use to be or following a terrible role models footsteps.​

  • This will be hard to practice in your own life because you aren't just observing, you are also dealing with emotions all around you. I even struggle with this on the daily and so do my "Good role Models".

  • Just like business, know that failure will highlight the flaws that need to change.

  • Humble yourself to accept change.

  • Be someone who you want to be with and be exciting.

- Understand the why and know that you can't love without hate, challenge me on that.

- The Whole truth is understanding both relative truths. Genuinely listen.

4. Children 

- I hate saying this because I hate hearing it, but truly I feel like the meaning of life is having kids and shaping your knowledge and genes to them. Don't take this gift for granted and Know that you are not the bigger picture anymore

  • I love my daughter and has truly made me feel all sorts of emotions and I love it.

  • The Manliest role models for me are the ones that are good dads. This takes skill just like building a lifestyle around working out everyday. 

  • Being so depended on is yes very exhausting, but the most rewarding thing once you hear "I love you daddy". 

  • Enough with the gushy shit though, having children truly makes you want to do more and be a good example.

- Light a fire under your ass to be different.

- Know that you are loved by someone and sometimes that someone isn't born yet or you haven't found that person yet that you want to be someone too. 

- Trust me on this, I'm not telling you to not be happy in the moment and love who you are, I'm just implying that be a good example to everyone and be loud.

5. Friends

- Surround yourself with successful people, trustworthy people, and interesting people.

  • Friends are the people who make you sane when life gets hard and are the people you can reach out to when change gets hard. 

    • There is a saying that says to hang out with 1/3 of the people who you look up to and almost intimidate you to be better because they are amazing role models that support you.

    • Another 1/3 of people you hang out with should be people who support you, but are also on the same level as you so you can build really amazing stories together while you grow at the same speed.

    • The last 1/3 of people you hang out with should be people who support you, but also look up to you as a mentor in some sense and someone that looks up to you for guidance. 

    • Once you find all three, you will feel complete and damn did I not understand this until I was older and a lot more wise that you shouldn't be friends with anybody that doesn't support you.

    • Remember that support doesn't mean agreeing with you on everything, but more that believes you, but challenges you everyday with guidance and encouragement.

- Do things unconditionally and don't look for things in return.

- Don't look for friends, the earth will bring them to you.

- Be patient and know that a friend doesn't have to be the one that you are always around.