1. Golfing


2. What do I mean by Honesty?

- One of my Mentors growing up was a very successful salesmen that was a huge golfer. He brings all business partners and clients golfing... this is why.

  • He Doesn't do business with people that cheat in golf. Yes, he says that you can tell a lot about someone playing golf and how they keep score regardless if they suck or are competitive. If someone keeps "finding their ball" in the black hole of fescue, more or less they are just dropping a ball and calling it their original, he found these businessmen seem to skim a lot off the books. When he played with someone that would suck terrible on a hole, but tell them they got a par... these businessmen would just be terrible partner and even worse nightmare client. The ones that keep their exact score and can still have fun are his best business partners and clients.

  • Far fetched, but he said he put it to the test multiple times and almost has proven himself 95% of the time. Ever since I went golfing with him, I started counting EVERY single stroke.

3. Learn What you Suck at First when Golfing

- Usually people suck at the short game, but learn why on youtube and fix it.

  • Just understanding why you are slicing is huge with understanding how to fix it. For me it was as simple as watching a video online about how to hook the ball. I started hitting my drives dead center... and FAR. 

  • Just learn what and how you can fix something. Best way to figure this out is to hire someone of course, but like me just Youtube it and try it out on the driving range.

4. Longball Tips that Worked for Me

- The Longball is where I WOW the crowd with piping around 340 yards on average.

  • This was due of course by swinging shit really hard my entire life, but what made this consistent was with two fixes:

  • 1. Made my Swing very long during my backswing.

  • 2. Changed my Swing Path to instead of an Out- In swing, I started swinging In- Out leaving my club face Closed to fix my slice/ baseball swing.

5. Shortball Tips that Worked for Me

- Work on better Impact with your Grip first, Stance second, and Tempo third.

  • PS. Remember to Look good Feel Good to win just in the beginning of your round.

    • Moving wrists forward with Irons helped me a lot through impact.

    • Working on my V-Grip helped me understand where my ball was going to end up.

    • Figuring out distance for each shot and club was huge.

    • Putting and Chipping are of course made better through practice, but check out the booklet I have above to help you out.