1. Hockey

Letting out my anger

2. Hockey is for the MEN

- Watch Playoff hockey and Say you can hang

  • The stanley cup celebrations speak for themselves. So much passion for the game and the players work their asses off. I have watched so many games where the player gets hit in the face and come back for the next period or hell even their next shift. Most of the time, when players fight they tell each other good job without the pettiness or drama. They get it done and every player does it.  

3. The Rules

- People lose interest in the sport because you have to be able to pay attention. I say it's the sport for people who can make decisions quickly and react.

Also, the rules can be a little tricky to understand and penalties happen so quickly.

  • Check out this article that explains the basics. Click Here

4. Offense

- Today the game is getting more fast and offensive.

  • This is said to be true because of more penalties called and trying to make the game less injury prone.

  • Players are getting more skilled and enforcers are not getting drafted as much anymore. 

5. Defense

- Everyone should be playing defense in hockey and back checking

  • Defense is a hidden golden rule in hockey that needs to be SOLID. With more shots on goal and the ability to crash the net more with crap defense, the more opportunity there is to score.

  • Playing the body is a huge part of the game.