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TOP 5 lifestyle TIPS I try EVERYDAY

1. This is the number one tip... Love yourself first with genuine passion. be a humbled cocky confident ethical baddy, who is in tune by knowing you are a badass (even if you don't make the most money, look the best with what god gave ya, have the most things, aren't the tallest, etc.) Confidence is the overall driver of love, so get you some.  

2. don't take advantage of nice people. help grow them and enjoy their company. the older you get, the more you realize how much you need these people in your life. shit gets hard.

3. be the example
. truthfully practice what you want, control what you can and find peace with that. respect others, be calm, kill (accept) your ego, don't be jealous and most of all... Don't need people, want them. need yourself.  

4. Practice internal love, daily.
internal love = hobbies --> grounding --> smiling at others
--> wanting to help others --> wanting to grow yourself
--> enjoy you! --> ENJOY CHALLENGES --> DON't be angry / laugh

5. With everything, you always have four options to deal with it. love could be : being angry or resentful from the past that leads to depression, being fearful or scared of the future that leads to anxiety, smelling the roses and having a genuine moment, co-existing effortlessly, being proud of yourself no matter the journey chapter, etc. 

- accept that you need to trust the process, then 
React maturely about whatever amazing or shitty it feels.
- plan boundaries, Have
clear intentions to your love.
communicate always then listen & look to see & hear results. respect others opinions, but respect yours to.

1. confidence is the overall driver of love
2. don't take advantage of nice people
3. be the example
4. practice internal love, daily
5. react, be clear, communicate, listen & look at your results

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