My Love Story is Full of Mental-Level Experiences & Loving myself, Not just Sensory Level Love Experiences.

- Learning how to do it for yourself and wanting to do it everyday is how you achieve this.


1. Awareness is the key to controlling your Love & Emotions.

2. Loving Yourself is how you become more Aware.

3. Your Hobbies will remind you of how much you love yourself. 

4. The Community & Family is how you can enjoy hobbies more.

5. Love is a compliment to yourself and others around you.

Loving and Accepting others will give you Momentum to do more.

Results may vary person to person. I am not a professional, licensed, certified, and inspired by things that I learned

You will be taking a risk and all risks are subject to potential failure.

You are agreeing that you understand by reading all material given to you through these classes. 

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