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TOP 5 mental health TIPS I try

1. control it (i mean the most simple things). To find peace through chaos, you have to "control" your environment. slow down things. understand and accept things. clean your car. clean your room. accept your thoughts.  

2. vices are okay, but in moderation. they are good for in the moment distractions.

3. meditate and box breathing
. Calming the breath. just a breath can reset your parasympathetic nervous system.

4. accept --> peace --> calm --> positive thoughts & repeat

5. With everything, you always have four options to deal with it. if you have anxiety or depression, practicing your healing is important even when you are living in the moment.  

- accept that you just have to do it, then 
React maturely
- plan boundaries, Have
clear intentions to your growth
communicate then feel assessments to understand your results

1. control it
2. vices are okay, but in moderation
3. calming the breath
4. positive thoughts
5. react, be clear, communicate, feel assessments

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