1. Motorcycles


2. Riding a Motorcycle is not for people who can't follow directions well.

- One small mistake while riding can be lethal

  • Be prepared for the worst just in case, but always pay attention. I think of riding a motorcycle is more like playing chess, predict every car's potential next move so you can become aware if it happens. 

3. Make sure your Bike is tuned and well maintained

- Prevent accidents by making sure things run properly.

  • Check your tires frequently.

  • Check all your lights.

  • Make sure you have equipment to keep you safe like helmet and jacket. 

  • Be prepared for rain, as rain can be hard to drive through.

  • Brakes: make sure brakes are in good shape.

4. Know what your getting yourself into

- In motorcycle class they say, if you are starting to feel comfortable on a bike, youll become less responsible. 

  • Crotch rockets: Live up to their name. Rockets that are in between your legs. Sometimes way to fast and will indeed get you noticed. 

  • Cruisers: Laid back, loud, and meant to cruise. 

  • Upright: Kinda a mixture between both.  

5. Gear and Beginning 

- Here is a good article on what to get               Click Here

  • Remember that you usually have to take a class to certify you to ride motorcycles.