Painting Class: YES Actually Painting Houses

  • Syllabus Day of #WealthClass is Understanding what the daily life of a Painting Business Owner looks like and feels like.

  • Freshmen Class: Marketing, Grass Roots, Canvasing you will learn how to conduct the best ways to receiving leads to potential clients.

    • How to Evaluate houses so that you are confident when approaching clients. How to get the most out of marketing.​

  • Sophomore Class: Setting up the Estimate & Bidding you will learn the basics of how Estimates go from start to finish.

    • What is the best way to sell. Why should people get their house painted? How do you bid safely so that it is fair and makes you money sometimes leaving 50% profit in your pocket.  

  • Junior Class: Production you will learn how I painted efficiently and effectively leaving feeling proud of my work. 

    • You will learn what materials I had, How I conducted walk arounds with clients, and how I scheduled start to finish in producing an external house painting.  

  • Senior Class: Getting Paid new businesses owners always make this mistake and forget the main part of running the business, GETTING PAID. 

    • Getting paid is of course important, and what techniques I learned throughout the two years I painted houses could save you thousands of dollars. 

I am not held responsible if you actually don't care and can't balance your life and think that you are doing everything. These steps are meant to guide you to focus better, not to hold your hand to achieve it. First step is to actually care.