1. piano/ music


2. Music is so Addicting because so it Meditating

- Every mentor says that meditating and having a peaceful mind is key to their success. Music has been used as a form of altering emotions forever, typically for making people more happy. 

  • Learning music is much easier these days with the internet.

  • Have you ever youtubed a how to play this song on whatever instrument you want to learn it on? It is out there.

  • You just have to start and of course invest some money in the instrument, but these days those are as well getting more affordable to purchase. 

3. Piano is Magical

- I'd recommend playing piano first and branch to other instruments second.

  • Why?

  • Because what I have noticed when teaching my friends piano is that if they play guitar already or bass, piano is not easy to transition to because it is awkwardly backwards, as far as rhythm hand goes. 

  • Teaching drummer friends on the other hand are amazing piano players. 

  • When you can play Fur Elise or Moonlight Sonata, tell me that you don't feel so peaceful... I'm waiting.

4. Pianos are Everywhere

- Once you get good at piano or at least learn like three songs really well, you will run into a piano going out with your friends and you will "aw" the crowd so easily. 

  • Yes you can show off.

  • This is what all musicians do on stage, so continue to play in front of people. It gets a lot more strange when you mess up, and you will. 

  • Learning how to recover after messing up will only come with practice... playing in front of people. So do it. 

5. Knowing what style you want to try is key

- There are keyboards that are meant to play just pre set sounds on stage.

- There are pianos that are meant to be played more full and classically. Weighted keys are amazing, but can restrict from playing faster songs.