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1. Restaurants

Managing Food, beverage, and procedures

2. There is no thing as doubles in bowling, because you can't bowl two people at one time

- You have to be good for yourself and do well under pressure.

  • Of course there are teams that bowl together and it is another sport you can play while drinking a beer. Being consistent is huge and you have to understand what your style is if you want to become competitive in bowling.

3. Confidence

- When you feel comfortable with throwing strikes and knowing that if you miss you can pick up most spares, will make you a good bowler.

  • If you have one bad frame, you can mess up your entire game.

  • THE ONLY SPORT THAT YOU CAN BE PERFECT IN... which I was once ;)

4. Strikes

- Important to score high because it multiplies your score every time you get a strike.

  • Know where you have to hit the head pin to make the pins have a chain reaction.

5. Spares

- Sometimes spares has to be more finesse and muscle memory. 

  • Splits are hard and almost impossible to pick up, so remember if you hit the pocket on your first ball, you will typically avoid a split.