1. Shooting


2. Shooting things is Serious because they can kill DUH

- Being the person that I am, I like to know how to at least walk up to something and know how to use it...just in case.

  • If I'm going to shoot, might as well be good at it. The definition of Self-Discipline is: the ability to control one's feelings and overcome one's weaknesses; the ability to pursue what one thinks is right despite temptations to abandon it.

  • Knowing that I have Self control and discipline, I can and will have a gun and bow. Do I think everyone should be shooting something? Hell Naw, but being our right

  • Learning how to be responsible around others is key to owning guns...which is why I display my guns with absolutely NO magazine loaded inside. Knowledge of gun safety is huge and knowing how to operate and check if a gun is loaded or how to turn on and off the safety is an absolute must.

3. Learning if you are Right Eye Dominant or Left Eye Dominant

- This is the first thing you need to figure out.

  • How to figure this out: Aim at a target with your finger with both eyes open. When closing one eye, the eye that moves your finger in site is your NOT dominant eye. 

  • I didn't find this out until I was 25 that I was left eye dominant. I just thought I sucked. 

- My best shot is with my Compound bow and also WAY cheaper to shoot than a rifle. Re-usable Arrows is amazing when target practicing and of course way quitter. 

4. Hunting Requirements 

- Learning your state Hunting requirements is a process so go online to figure out your state regulations. 

  • Hunting is something I really want to start doing, but one thing is you need to get a hunters safety license and tags. This all takes time and initial money.

5. Concealing

- Know what concealing regulations there are in place in your state.

  • Knowing how to carry your guns is a must and should be performed professionally and without breaking the law.

  • Check out your state laws on what is legal and not legal.

  • Get your concealed weapons permit.