1. The 4-Hour Workweek 

By Timothy Ferriss

2. Summary

- Attaining the lifestyle you want by being more productive and automating your income streams

  • The book is based on writing your own rules and hiring people to do things that drag you down.

    • I like this book because it helps you figure out the alternative way of of having a clear head when doing so much. Hiring a person to do the things that I hate doing or that is so time consuming is so important to my sanity.
  • Step outside your comfort zone

    • You always here from mentors that you will never be successful feeling comfortable, and damn that is the truth. You think all self made entrepreneurs have felt comfortable through their journey? I highly doubt it unless they have daddy funds or a safety net given to them. 

  • Be Effective, not efficient: Don't do everything right, just do the right thing.

  • Time is money and you need to do things to give you more of it.​
    • Having multiple streams of income is important so that you aren't relying on one source your entire life. That is also including your retirement funds​. 

  • Examples of good Effective leaders

    • Some of the greatest figures have simplified their life so well they even wear the same color outfits every single day so that they didn't have to think about what they wore and knew that they were confident in already. For example: Obama, Steve Jobs, Carrie Donovan, Johnny Cash, Albert Einstein to name the few.

3. New Rich

- Time

  • If you feel like you don't have any time, find out a way to delegate it to someone that can do it for you. Thinking smarter, not harder. Be aware of time thieves and avoid them and those things to the fullest. 

    • I personally hate doing the laundry, I can do everything else immaculately but for some reason laundry is so hard for me to keep up on, so I higher

- Taking Action Now

  • Excuses will be the death to everyone's success and just knowing how to start things and taking action now is key to your own success.

    • The best examples I can give to you on how I have done this very well in my life is while playing sports and lifting. I remember when I was playing baseball in college and before every game our coach would make us get in our stretching circle and close our eyes and would go through scenarios of our at bats, in the game we were about to play. He would tell us the count, what pitch is coming, and  actually helped envision the baseball being pitched and hitting it.

- Re-Writing the rule Book

  • Things work differently for everyone. Learn what works best for you and commit 100%.

    • In my own life I understood that that having a kid and a wife that I both love very much made it very difficult, being that today for some reason everyone seems to hint to "forget" those because they will cherish your hard work, while in reality that doesn't work for me. That is why in fact I have only made above average income my entire life and I am super proud of myself because I can stay balanced that way.     

4. Be Effective, not Efficient

- Productivity

  • Do the right things at the right times/ Time at work is the easiest metric of productivity, but it doesn't mean they give the best work. 

    • Hell, speaking of restaurants, I can run a successful restaurant being at the business for 4 hours a day. That being, I work my ass off for those 4 hours, but I can get it done. Don't fall for the modern stamp. 

- 80/20 rule

  • Being efficient can be done with unimportant things and important things as well. Being effective is using your time to only do the important things. 20 percent of the work produces 80 percent of the results. 

    • This is why the book is so appealing, because it pretty much says that you can cut your 40 hour a week job to 8 hours a week, leaving you a lot of time to mess around. That being said, I feel like this is saying don't waste your time on stupid things you could hire someone else to do beside yourself so you can make sales and make money instead.

- Getting Rid of Distractions

  • Emails are a huge distraction to a lot of business owners as it is the main form of spam and BS connections. Have a secretary for example filter through all of these emails, so that the ones that will make you money are your main focus. 

    • While I am small, I look at every single email and phone call. Most recently, since making more money, I have been hiring someone to filter through all my meetings and sales interviews and this has honestly helped me so much that I have been happier throughout my daily life.

5. Residual Income

- Business that always makes Money

  • When your asleep your business is making you money, when your on vacation your business is making you money, hell when even golfing your business is making you money.

    • This is way easier said than done, but once you achieve this it is an amazing feeling, even if it is $20 a week. 

- Validation

  • Knowing if there is a need for your business by asking real life people if they would buy it. Find real answers to if your idea would make money before spending your savings on it.

    • This is where you can use the wonderful platforms of modern society. Go on facebook and ask random people if they would buy your idea. Go on google ad-words and make a fake profile and see if people actually visit it. Go on the streets and see if random real people would actually buy it. ​

- Professionalism

  • Act like one and be picky about your customers. Some problem customers just aren't worth your stress. Go Premium, make a big promise, and keep it. 

    • This is how you can run a business headache free. If everything is in place than you can start saying no to customers that just plain out suck ass. They are everywhere and yes they will give someone else their business, but they are bossy and will take your valuable time away from you, the time you could be making money elsewhere.