1. Unlimited Power 

By Tony Robbins

2. Summary

- In Reality, there is no such thing as failures, just learning experiences.

  • The way you can consciously change how your mind processes failures, can't change difficult situations. Seeing failures as only opportunities is the best way to overcome them and become successful. 

    • Not being scared of failure is how you can take educated risks to momentum your success.​​
  • Emulating success is a good way to perpetuate yourself to the greatest with only starting out. 

    • This is huge amongst the life coaches and you hear the quote multiple times by Pablo Picasso, "Good Artists copy, Great Artists Steal" meaning that to get above your competition start with what has worked for them and make it better, in your own way. 

    • I can't tell you how many times I have heard this in books, webinars, or programs I have taken, saying that if all the successful people in this world are recommending this, then do it!

  • People read your body language and make predictions of who you are.

    • This goes back to the ole' you have 30 seconds to impress someone and most of that judgment is from how you look and communicate with your body.

  • Examples of good Failure learners, Emulators, and Body language talkers: 

    • The Author himself, Tony Robbins is wonderful at all three. All leaders you have ever known are typically really good at all three. Steve Jobs making other people's ideas extraordinary like with Steve Wozniak and revolutionizing them. Also, I love the example of how Steve Jobs "failed" by getting pushed out by Apple which actually stemmed Steve to make Pixar and other great inventions before being asked to come back to Apple.  

3. Emulating Success

- Copy a Successful Person

  • If you want to be competitive, always know how the successful people in your career are doing things first. 

    • Extract what is going well for them, and make it better with your own personality. 

    • Let's use my website for example, I have read books, listened to summaries of books, listened to audiobooks, but yet I never re-read any of them, I just reflect on my Notes (What I am sharing with you) to remember what the book was about and most importantly how I can use within my own life and put into action. I made this website better in my own eyes because it cuts out the bs and gives you straight starting points instead of false get rich quick schemes.  

- Practice, Envision, Reality

  • When you can visualize how people do things and actually believe you are there, you won't be intimidated in real life when you have to do those things that successful people people, by re-playing what it looks like in your head first

    • The best examples I can give to you on how I have done this very well in my life is while playing sports and lifting. I remember when I was playing baseball in college and before every game our coach would make us get in our stretching circle and close our eyes and would go through scenarios of our at bats, in the game we were about to play. He would tell us the count, what pitch is coming, and  actually helped envision the baseball being pitched and hitting it.

- Thinking of also how those successful people have failed and learning from that is also very important.

  • Learning what "not" to do is one of the most beneficial observation traits anyone can endure. 

    • In my own life this was huge with the restaurant life. Restaurants do fail more than most other businesses because most of the time the location is shit or poor ownership. My friend owned a dive bar growing up that was let's just say... very divey, but also very profitable. I inherited all the things that worked out like being loyal to customers, being fun, and having fun, also singing karaoke 7 days a week. What I learned that didn't work was when you train staff like ass, you get ass employees. If you store food in the cooler wrong or keep the kitchen dirty, it will reflect your business and city regulation citations. If you drank too much at your own bar, people will notice.     

4. Body Language

- Deep Breaths with Stress

  • Controlling your breathes can relax you when you are feeling anxiety, nervousness, and stress. 

    • Before big speeches I remember to practice my breathes, because I remember always forgetting to breathe when giving speeches. I would slow down just a fraction so I could keep calm giving presentations in front of hundreds or tens of people. 

- Open your Chest, Smile, and Remember to have good posture.

  • Your confidence within yourself can radiate throughout your appearance. Showing your chest shows confidence that you are somewhat vulnerable to the person your talking to. Confidence can be sexy and professional.

    • I challenge you to smile at everyone one day and see how many people smile back. You will feel weird like I do most of the time, but when someone smiles back, it gives you a good feeling that you made someone happy. Trust me, its better than keeping your head down in life. I also know that salesman have ruined this for us by fake smiling to everyone to try to sell something, but do it out of the kindness of your heart. It might lead to your next girlfriend, business partner, etc. like it has done for me.

- Listening with your Eyes

  • Engagement and genuine listening is very important with people respecting you and wanting to interact with you. 

    • If you follow all of these steps, you will learn something from everyone. From the dumbest of people to the smartest of people if you just listen. You can learn also from what not to do... remember that.

5. Communication Preferences

- Audio listeners

  • Vocal Communication is when you like to hear people talk and like talking.

    • I personally like to listen to audiobooks, podcasts, and comedians in the car or when I'm working out (Because I'm weird I've been told I guess)

- Visual listeners

  • Written and Video communication is when you prefer to see things visually to communicate with emails, Video webinars, and/or physical books.

    • I like reading actual books mainly just at night only because it takes me a while to wake up and I'm a night owl, but I love watching videos to learn everything because you can learn so much more effectively. ​

- Touch listeners

  • Kinesthetic lovers feel connected through touch.

    • People that always touch your shoulders when talking to you, shake your hand multiple times, etc. typically feel more engaged with the person with physical touching. I personally don't like this method, but it is very effective when becoming a leader.