1. Fitness

Glowing Confidence

2. The More results, the more Confidence you will grow.

- I have gone through about 9 years of trial and error

  • While going through your fitness journey, you will find yourself always "plateauing". This is either physically or mentally and working over these obstacles will shape your success (or lack there of). I have learned that in the beginning it is nice to be able to go with someone that knows what they are doing. To guide your form and work habits. Learning stretching and workout technique while at the gym is important for longevity in your workout career.    

3. Cardio

- Cardio is important to your health no matter what any meat head tells you.

  • I truly don't like cardio, but I like finding new ways of doing it that satisfy my end goal...overall health.

  • Biking is a fun way to get around town and also will work on your cardio.​ Hiking and Swimming are also fan favorites. Don't just have to run.

  • Playing a group sport will help you with endurance as well. I personally play hockey to satisfy this as well. You can play ping pong or also walk 18 holes and tell me you don't feel like you ran twelve miles. 

- Understand heart health is important and listening to your body is important.

- Endurance and stamina are two key points to knowing if someone is at least practicing their health routine, so get on it.

4. Power Lifting 

- Power Lifting is a guarantee for me every week. I go at least 3 times a week and if I have time I will go 5 times. 

  • Working on lifting more weight, working on endurance, flexibility, and balance, or just going to let out some steam all are reasons why it is so important to me and my health

  • I have noticed as well, from always tearing my muscle fibers and rebuilding them through exercise, I will heal a lot faster than normal. My body is use to rebuilding every week...

  • Benching, Deadlifting, and Squatting are not just helpful with gaining bigger muscles, but will also strengthen all supplemental muscles as well, while performing these lifts.  

  • Keep your workouts simple and sometimes throw in those crazy workouts you see on youtube. Sometimes your body gets so use to workouts that you will not improve unless you either do more weight or change the angle/ lift.

- Chest, Back, and Legs are the main three muscles in your body. Some would argue you that so are your arms...

- Biceps, Triceps, Shoulders, Abs, and Calves all get worked out when working out your main muscles. For example, when you work out Chest you are most likely also using your triceps, core, and shoulders. 

5. Diets

- Diets can be stressful, so just pick one and validate if it works or not for your body type and personality.

  • Being Mentally committed to the diet is step number one.

    • There are so many diets out there that you could probably find one that works for you. Following Macro Nutrients and avoiding foods are usually a good start. 

    • Be able to diet and make it part of your life permanently with the occasional cheat meals and beverages. 

    • By now you probably know what not to eat and what to eat, so just follow your gut... literally, and if you slip than just be aware of it and fix it. 

- There are diets for specific types that have genetic disorders that also work for preventative interests as well. If you start while you are athletic and healthy, you shouldn't have much worry of any shockers throughout life.