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We always knew Marketing seemed fishy, so we have partners with individuals that we Trust so that you don't have to search

- We build websites on WIX because you can customize everything on the site per clients needs. We have used all the software CMS platforms like Weebly, Kujabi, Wordpress, Shopify, etc. and we can make them work... however they just don't cut it for us. Seems to always be a catch... WIX is the all in one platform that we have been using for over 10 years and have over 100+ websites launched and managed. 

- IT services (Backup files, Storage, Cloud Services, Server, DNS, etc.)

- We offer a 'Spokesperson' service, Face to your brand like 'Jake from State Farm' Recruiting + Management of video content

- We offer Influencer Marketing (Management fee + Fee for influencer $200-$10K)

- Need help with understanding or planning on using AI or any App for your Business?

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